SLIP-STOP TYPE "C" (for Caravans)

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Our ladder accessory Slip-Stop Type "C" will keep you safe whilst accessing you tourer caravan roof.

Click on the pictures and hover you rmouse over the picture to enlarge. For detailed instructions see the "using your SLIP STOP page"

1. The 5 main parts of the Apron, Belt, Long Lanyard and Carabiner

2. Wearing the safety harness and lanyards

3, and 4. Feeding the SLIP-STOP Type "C" into the awning slot

5 and 6. CAUTION! The ladder is too near the caravan skin, adjust the ladder angle to give a hand's thickness gap with at least 3 rungs above the caravan

7 and 8. Fixing the ladder

9. Moving the ladder

10, 11 and12. Using the lanyards

13. On the roof.

The video shows how to use the Slip-Stop Type "C"