Please refer to the Video and Photographs together with the details below:

  1. The SLIP-STOP HARNESS has 5 main parts: the Slip-Stop Apron, the Belt, the Long Lanyard, the Short Lanyard and the Carabiner.
  2. Wear the Safety Harness and two Lanyards as shown. Feed the buckle end through the loop of the SHORT lanyard and adjust the belt to suit your girth and click it shut.
  3. For SLIP-STOP type "C" feed the apron into your awning slot with the two Velcro straps facing you. Motorhomes and Campervans rarely have awning slots and SLIP-STOP type "M" or type "S" with twin vacuum pads should be used. the SLIP-STOP type "M" and type "S" is fitted to your ladder rung at a pre-determined rung BEFORE you climb on. As you climb the ladder the pads will press against the panel. Activate both black levers which will then suck hard onto the panel work.
  4. CAUTION! If the top of the lower ladder section is too near the caravan skin adjust the ladder angle to increase the gap. A hand’s thickness gap, as shown, is fine. At this point make sure your ladder is at least 4 rungs above the caravan roof so that you have a safe handhold when you access the caravan roof.
  5. Check that the Velcro straps are inside the stiles (sides) of the ladder. If they are not then alter their spacing by slackening off the screws so they can be re-spaced to fit snugly inside the stiles and re-tighten. It may mean you have to screw through the straps, this does not matter. You only have to do this once! Now wrap the two straps around the closest rung and on to each other snugly.
  6. With SLIP-STOP type "C" the ladder can be moved at will by picking it up off the ground and moving it along and re-settling it at the point you need to work.
  7. At the top of your ladder and at a suitable height to work, fasten yourself to your ladder by passing the short lanyard BEHIND the nearest rung and using the carabiner clip it the loop on the belt. You are now safe to work with both hands free.
  8. Feed the longer lanyard through the same rung as above but from BEHIND the ladder and clipping the lanyard around the rung and onto itself. You are now ready to climb onto the roof with the knowledge that the lanyard will not allow you to walk to the far roof edge but near enough to clean with a long handled brush or power washer. Wear trainer type shoes to help you grip in the wet.
  9. To keep you safe we suggest you begin cleaning the awning side working from standing on the ladder using the short lanyard until you have completed all that side. Then, if it is necessary to stand on the roof, we suggest you fit your longer lanyard to the same ladder rung and you will be able to reach the opposite side by standing on the roof safe in the knowledge that you will not be able to walk into a danger area before the lanyard pulls you up tight!
  10. Some caravans have awning slots BOTH sides which in this case means you can use your Slip-Stop from BOTH sides and need not to stand on the roof at al.

Do please remember that neither type "C", type "M" or type "S" is designed to ARREST YOU should you fall. They are a PREVENT SYSTEM which prevents a fall happening in the first place!

Both systems are designed to LIMIT your activities within a restricted area on your 'van roof. The systems should NEVER be used for any other purpose than Caravans, Motorhomes and Campervans.

The kit of parts also includes spares in case of loss. These are 4 stainless screws, 2 Velcro straps . Both lanyards need to be slipped onto the belt via their wide loops and can be stored in your pockets either side of your trousers.