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At Innovent Designs we have over 40 years experience in designing ladder safety equipment and have now designed a product exactly with caravanners in mind.


Our new ladder accessory is called Slip-Stop which will keep you safe whilst accessing your van roof. Two of the most common causes of ladder accidents are over-reaching at the top with you slipping away to the right or slipping away to the left and your head (the most vulnerable part of you!) falling at least 9 or 10 feet. The second most common cause of this type of accident is you and your ladder slipping away at the bottom. Usually caused by setting your ladder at a incorrect angle. If you don’t tie-off your ladder as we are suggesting then the correct ladder angle is a ratio of 4:1 which means if your contact point at the top is 8 feet up from the ground then your contact point on the ground must be 2 feet out from the caravan.

A high percentage of caravanners in the UK are retirees and will be very concerned about accessing your caravan roof. The writer and designer of Slip-Stop is in this age group and it is my mission at 75 years of age to firstly reduce the appalling rate of ladder accidents in this leisure area and secondly to raise money towards research into M.S. and Parkinson's Disease both of which have impacted my personal life for some years. A high proportion of income generated by the sale of Slip-Stop will be donated to both these causes.

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